See how our customers are benefiting

Endless applications of knowing what will happen in the next 7days.

Industry software providers
Customer WOW


Through a white label arrangement their clients will get the CatsAi engine to take their business into the value AI without the effort

Key Drivers for implementation

  • Accelerate customer functionality

  • Competitive advantage

  • Lead the pack

National manufacturer
Truck and warehouse efficiency

Clients having issues managing their warehouse stock levels and coordinating the loading of their trucks. 

The increased accuracy enables them to plan warehouse and truck allocation much more effectively

Key drivers for implementation:

  • Labour Savings

  • Reduced Peak loading

  • Efficient truck dispatch 

  • End-customer fulfillment​

Fast food restaurant
Make more sales


We beat their existing best-in-class accuracy (of 80%) to such a margin that they could identify under utilised sales opportunities

Key drivers for implementation:

  • Increased sales

  • Production planning management

Clear ROI


Seeing opportunities for ROI in both manufacturing and logistics

Key drivers for implementation:

  • Reduced waste

  • Resource allocation


Small family businesses
A generation of experience in 1-day


Family businesses needing to put in place a succession plan as key people retired.  In a day of training we match a generation of experience

Key drivers for implementation:

  • Knowledge retention

  • Increased sales

  • Reduce Waste​