Demand Forecasting without the effort 

No need to install complex analytics and Business Intelligence, or have teams of people racing around to get your forecasts. With our Ai you can  have timely, confident and accurate forecasts leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Constantly improving accuracy that drives your business

Leveraging your data, alongside external influences, combined with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning is the core of our platform.   The CatsAi solution is built on 4 key functions

Simple Integration 

We rely on simple data sets from your company. No need to spend hours cleaning data, scrubbing and asking IT to search databases.

We can work from API to .csv

Accelerated Results​

Our AI is ready out the box.

Securely hosted and managed. We are able to deploy the brain and commence training providing you with results in 5 hrs

No lengthily configuration

Accuracy & Validation​


We've seen 98% accuracy in our forecasts. But we get all results independently verified. We target 80% more accurate than what you did previously

Independant confidence

Ease of access to Results​

Use the results how you need to. Integrate to ERP's or simply use via spreadsheets. API's and .csv allow simple access to  your forecasts

Your implementation

artificial-intelligence (1).png

Built by AI experts, validated by Manufacturing experts.

The CatsAi solution has been developed over 2years working with some of the leading Artificial Intelligence experts, institutions, and academics and tested by bluechip names.

up to 98.2 % validated accuracy
ROI's achieved in under 1 week's use 

Implementing Ai has never been easier - It's free to experiment with us

CatsAI has built a system that can get your using Ai in your demand forecasting in under 5 hours.    CatsAi use 4 steps to get you benefiting artificial intelligence.

Discovery Call

We start with an overview call to ask some core questions.  It usually takes 30mins to learn about your business and potential use case

Feed in your data

Whether you want to send a CSV/XLS or enable and API we can ingest data however you need us to. Typically a sample data set is used in CSV to prove our capabilities before any wider integrations.  

We also add external data sources specific to your business.

Create and Train your brain

Each client has their own dedicated 'Brain'. This is when advanced analytics and machine learning happens.

The continuous refining of the algorithms is automatically applied.  With the first results often available within 5 hours.

We hit 98% accuracy within this time for one client!

See the value

We independently validate our results for statistical accuracy and provide this report to you.

We look back at your Use Case and identify the business case to use Ai in your business.

Use it daily

Once you see the business case and the accuracy we can help you use our platform as part of your daily processes. 


We offer free advisory on how best to maximise our numbers in your business.


The Product Range

We have intentionally kept our product range small and simple, to help SME's and Bluechip names.  We also provide out solution as a whitelabel to industry leaders looking to quickly add Ai features in to their existing platforms.


Single Site Prediction

Designed for SME's

Predict you top 10 SKU's​ (more available upon request)

Weekly PDF and CSV predictions 7 days forward


Pay for what you use

On demand predictions for high volume, high frequency, multi sites

Full API integration

Pence per prediction


Use in your ERP

Our solution is available as part of our SaaS offering to industry specific software providers looking to help their clients with an extra capability, fully integrated in to their platform